by Nelson Price

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MATTHEW 4:18-20

Jesus Christ called a complex diverse group to follow Him. Each
had a unique personality. Based on the interaction recorded in the
Scriptures Simon Peter must have been one of, if not the most
outspoken one. He was a blithe bold believer who took a stand and
spoke out on many things. He was reprimanded by Christ and
reprimanded Christ. He was bold enough to draw a sword against a
contingency of Roman soldiers and cowardly enough to recoil when
confronted by a single young woman. His visibility makes him one
of the most familiar apostles.

A first grader had listened attentively as the teacher told of the men
Christ called to follow Him. The teacher then asked, "What were
the men who followed Christ called?" After a momentary pause one
little enthusiast put his hand eagerly. When called upon to tell what
the men were called the child said, "They were called recycles!"
We might call them transformed apostles but that is Greek for
"recycles." That is what all of us are.

The various lists of apostles varies but the same one is always
listed first and the same one last. Peter is always listed first and
Judas Iscariot last.

Affectionately known as "the Big Fisherman," Paul called him,
along with James and John, "pillars" of the church (Galatians 2: 9).

John Chrysostom (347 - 407 A.D.) said Peter was "the mouthpiece
of the apostles ... the leader of the apostolic chorus -- the pillar of
the church, the basis of faith, the foundation of our confession (You
are the Christ), the World-wide Fisherman who brought our race
heavenward from the abyss of error." ("The Twelve Christ Chose,"

Peter was one of the members of the inner circle that often had
special moments with Christ. He was:


When Judas brought the cadre of Roman soldiers to the Garden of
Gethsamene to arrest Christ it was Peter who drew a sword and
attempted to defend Christ (John 18: ...

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