by Nelson Price

LUKE 15:11-24

Jesus Christ was a masterful storyteller. He could take the simplest
circumstances and make it ring with reason.

As fish live in water so we live in stories. Everyone enjoys a good
story. Stories shape our lives. They come from literature, history,
politics, family lore, and alas TV. Stories from our childhood live
with us all of our lives.

Few people decide "Do I want to be good or bad?" What they really
decide is "Who do I want to be like?" Who is your role model?

Few realize they are themselves a story in process. Your life is a
drama in which you are the main character. Play your role well.

Jesus knowing this used stories to teach us. A story of pain,
pathos, and pleasure was told by Him. In it most of us can find
ourselves represented by one of the characters. It is known as the
story of the prodigal son. Actually it is the story of a dysfunctional

Before sin ruptured relationships and brought thorns and thistles,
the family arrived on the earthly scene as a divine gift. The family
was God's idea and He doesn't have bad ideas. As intended by
God it will transcend time because it is rooted in eternity.

The family has been under valued in our current society. As a
result its worth to society has been underestimated. Functioning
families are an economic blessing to society. They reduce the
welfare rolls and cost of law enforcement while aiding the
education environment.

The family has been played down by the culturally elite who insist
that we must remain non-judgmental and avoid preferring one
relationship over another.

I have five degrees from colleges and universities but my major
learning came from another source. I learned to tie my shoes;
dress myself; not play with fire; pick-up and put-up my toys; not hit
my brother; stand up to the bully down the street; and how to be
quiet when adults were talking. In effect, I learn ...

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