by Nelson Price

I PETER 5:10,11

JESUS CHRIST has personally summonsed you to heaven. Not
only does He want you to come to heaven He proposes to give you
strength for the journey.

Have you ever seen a bee trapped in a car or house? It may buzz
against a window until it finally winds down. When a bee leaves the
hive it carries only enough fuel reserve to get to a predetermined
destination and back. If it becomes trapped it runs out of energy
and can't fly. Have you ever felt that way and needed to be re-
energized. I read that if you find a bee in that condition and
dissolve sugar in water and offer it to the bee it will drink and be re-
energized enough to return home. Once while dining at Mt. Vernon,
the former home of George Washington, I saw such a bee on the
windowsill by our table. I dissolved sugar in water in a spoon and
offered it to the bee. Slowly it drank for the longest time. Then it
took off, buzzed around a bit, flew back and stung me.

It may be we appear to respond to the goodness of the Lord with
such ingratitude. Don't forget, "Thanks" is also prayer.

Our Lord desires to ESTABLISH - STERIZO, the believer. That is,
He wants to build up the believer. This word has three basic
meanings in the New Testament.

I. PERSEVERANCE "Jesus resolutely set out (sterizo) for
Jerusalem" (Luke 9:51).

From the beginning He saw the ending of His life. As He
approached Jerusalem He was very mindful that His hour had
come and Calvary awaited. He had no ambition for the agony of
crucifixion as is evidenced by His withdrawal to Gethsemene. He
had no appetite for the spiritual warfare Gethsemene afforded. Yet,
He resolutely determined willfully to go to Jerusalem. He needed
strength to fight against natural human reluctance. Each step along
the road to Jerusalem represented a separate act of the will. Each
separate act of the will represented a triumph over the reluctance ...

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