by Nelson Price

PSALM 37:1-7

Jesus Christ was God in flesh and blood. He was called
"Immanuel," which means, "God with us." We do well to learn from
His example as well as His teaching. On an occasion when He was
depleted from ministering to others He left the demanding crowd
and went off by Himself. Even He knew He could not minister out of
a bleached out body and spirit. He learned to take minute vacations
as well as to retreat.

On an occasion the disciples came to Him and said the whole
world is here to see you. He walked away. He just walked away.
Sounds impersonal and disinterested doesn't it. He knew His limit
and limited His public ministry in order to be renewed Himself.

Ours is a stressful society. The other day I saw a teenager zoom
onto the parking lot at a funeral home going at least twice the
appropriate speed while talking on a cell phone. I thought, "Has life
has become so urgent and so stressful as to demand this."

Adults often manifest a martyr complex by overextending
themselves. It is as though there is a guilt complex by persons who
think they can relieve the guilt by abusing themselves. We seem to
have developed a "Society for the Admiration of the Stressed Out."

Stress is a subject Christians need to address. UPI just released
the results of a study made by three sociology professors at the
University of New Hampshire that shows Georgia ranks third,
behind only Alaska and Nevada, in stress.

Stress related diseases are higher in Georgia and the other two
states than the national average. Georgia ranked number 8 in
alcohol related deaths and alcoholic psychoses.

Family stresses are given as the reason for the high stress level in

We need to manage to control stress for economic reasons also.
Stress-related pain is estimated to cost American businesses some
700 million workdays and $60 billion a year.

Stress results in a chemical or hor ...

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