by Nelson Price


Jesus Christ said, "Jesus said to her, "I am the resurrection and the
life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live" (John

To validate the statement that there is life for us after death He
gave us proof by going out and being resurrected. It was a rare
occasion that morning when the old door of death swung on
reverse hinges and He walked back into life through the portal of
the grave.

Occasionally at the time of death of one not closely associated with
a person it is heard to be said, "Life goes on." That statement can
be made flippantly and sound callous. However, it is true. Before
anyone gets the impression I am passing off grief lightly let's think
about it. Life does go on for the believer.

Our text refers to "the whole family in heaven and earth." Our
brothers and sisters in Christ constitute our spiritual family. Did you
note the fact members of the family are in two different places:
"heaven and earth." When a beloved one in Christ dies they are
transferred to a heavenly home where life for them goes on. WOW,
is that a fact!

Easter, the acknowledgment of resurrection, is the only holiday
celebrated 52 times a year. Every Sunday the Christian community
gathers to celebrate the fact life goes on. Think of any of your
beloved who died with faith in Christ. That one is today more alive
than any one of us. For that one life goes on in heaven as ours
goes on here on earth. Rejoice!

During World War II when persons in England were notified of the
death of a loved one the note started: "Your loved one has been
posted to a higher command."

Thank the Lord the resurrection encourages hope in eternity.

Heaven is a real place awaiting those with faith in Christ. It has
inspired art, music, novels and even humor. In that vein consider
the golf game being played by Moses and Jesus. Moses hits an
approach shot that clea ...

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