by Nelson Price

You'll Never Walk Alone
Nelson Price
Luke 24:13-32

Jesus Christ is often encountered in the most unlikely places at the most unexpected times.

He is not only our guide to tomorrow and our ticket to eternity, but our companion on life's road through the wilderness of bewilderment.

He is the essential clue necessary to interpret the mystery of life.

Do you ever feel like you are all alone? Does loneliness ever engulf you? Have you ever looked at one of these street scenes from a major city with people walking shoulder to shoulder moving like a river of humanity? All crowded together yet many feeling all alone in the crowd.

A sense of frustration and abandonment prevails in many lives. A gnawing sense of emptiness resulting from a feeling of disappointment is the norm for some. Having been let down dejection is dictated by defeat.

If you are ever described in that manner you might have been the companion of Cleopas as he walked the lonely road from Jerusalem to Emmaus the afternoon of the reported resurrection of the crucified Christ. Their great expectation regarding Christ had crashed at the cross. Now they were alone and dramatically disappointed in Christ. They needed a resurrection of hope and guidance for the moment.

They were DOUBTING what had happened. They were BEWILDERED about what to do. They were FEARFUL of what might happen.

Do you ever experience those emotions?

As children most of us were intrigued by the idea of supernatural power. That is why Superman, Captain Marvel, Batman, and their companions have thrived. Youth have an innate desire to know secrets and tap into supernatural power. I was that type child and perhaps you are or were. I remember ordering Orphan Annie's secret decoding ring so I could know in advance what was going to happen to Annie and Corntassel. I ordered Jack Armstrong's magic answer box in order to tell when a person was telling the truth or lying.

As adults we don't grow out of our desire to b ...

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