by Nelson Price

I PETER 5:10,11

Jesus Christ wants you to spend eternity with Him. Is He the kind of
company you would like to keep? Is heaven the kind of place you
would like to go? Is it your desire to spend eternity in such
company in such a place?

Again I say that is the will of God for you. All that is necessary to
accomplish it is for your will to coincide with His will.

"The God of all grace" has personally "called us to His eternal

The word "called" does not mean He has simply invited us. Even
that is a flattering thought. The Greek word translated "called" is
KALEO. It means to summons. When a summons is issued by a
judge it means cease and desist in what you are doing and comply
with the intent of this document. It establishes a priority.

KALEO further means "to call by name." Thus, God has
summonsed you by name to come to heaven. I don't know how you
use God's name, it may often be in vain, but I know how He uses
your name. It is always included in a loving invitation to spend your
eternal destiny with Him. The Lord is the aggressor in seeking a
relationship with you.

If you know of anyone not on their way to heaven you know
someone who is refusing the summons of God All Mighty who
wants them to spend eternity with Him.

KALEO expresses God's strong desire for you. Hopefully your
desire is the same as His.

God doesn't "send" people to hell. They refuse His summons to
heaven and hell is the only alternative.

"It is not His will that any should perish, but that all should come to

(II Peter 3: 9).

The "summons" is personalized and embodied in Jesus Christ. He
is the summons. He is the way, the truth, and the life. That seems
unreasonable to some. However, we live in a world of exact
standards. Certain standards must be complied with before being
admitted to college. Citizenship standards must be met before
becoming a naturaliz ...

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