by Nelson Price


Jesus Christ said, "All power is given unto Me in heaven and

The Greek word translated "power" is EXOUSIA, meaning ability,
or strength, or authority. Here Jesus boast "all authority", that is,
power has been given unto Him.

This opens one of the major mysteries of life. If that is so, and it is,
why doesn't He make everything and everyone conform to His will?
Good question worthy of our exploration. In exploring it you might
well find why some things you don't understand are happening in
your personal world. A better, though never complete,
understanding of this may revolutionize your life as you come to
realize God is very much in love with you and more active in your
life than you know.

Let me tell you a story and let me tell it from the end forward. Listen
and draw your own conclusion of what is happening and why.

I met a couple who are both now deceased. He loved his wife very
much. She "could not walk" and had not walked for some time. She
stayed in bed most of the time. However, each afternoon when he
came home he would go into the bedroom and pick her up in his
strong loving arms and take her outside on the patio and place her
in a comfortable chair. There they had refreshments and talked as
he shared his day with her.

This was their regular delightful routine. To say the least she
looked forward to the sound of the key turning in the door and his
coming home. She watched the clock in expectation awaiting their
time together.

One afternoon he came home but didn't immediately come into the
bedroom as usual. She called out to him and he responded
casually. She urged him to come on in. After what seemed to be an
undue delay he came in and stood some distance from the bed.
She smiled warmly and appealed to him to pick her up so they
could go outside and enjoy the beautiful day. He stood motionless.
She appealed more ea ...

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