by Nelson Price

Youth in America Today
Nelson Price
Proverbs 22:6

Jesus Christ gave new dignity to the home when He, the Son of God, chose it as the environment into which He came when He visited earth.

Marriage was the first institution established by God. Little wonder that it is a primary object of attack today. Thus, with marriage as the basis the home was the institution initially established by God.

One of the most strategic roles played by any human being is that of a parent. It is a challenge to be cherished. Let's explore some realms of family life you may never have considered. Let's take a look at youth in America today.

Let me urge you not to stop listening until this message ends. There are points at which it might be very discouraging. The conclusion offers encouragement hope.

To listening youth, as you hear certain parts of this message don't give up on yourself, your peers, or think all adults have. We haven't. Some of today's youth stir optimism in the hearts of many of us.

As you hear of trends among youth today thank God He has created you as a unique individual. You are not shackled by heredity and environment. Both influence us dramatically, but our all wise and loving God has given us a free will to choose. That supersedes and overcomes both heredity and environment.

A Princeton research group recently posed the following question to a broad based random sampling of persons.

''What do you think is the biggest threat facing American society?'' The collective response reveals, ''Youth of today pose a greater threat than any foreign power.''

The second question:

''Do you think youth of today will make the world of tomorrow a better place?'' Two-thirds of the Americans interviewed said, ''NO.''

Third question:

''What three adjectives describe the youth of today?''


To youth listening, don't quit listening now. Many of you who don't fit that profile would, how ...

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