by Nelson Price

The God Of The House Of God
Nelson Price
Genesis 35: 1-7

JESUS CHRIST said, "Seek first the kingdom of God and
His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you"
(Matthew 6: 33).

This is an appeal to His people to get their priorities straight.
"Things" is a summary word that often includes many good and
even needful items. Actually He had been talking about essentials
such as food, clothing, and housing. These basic items are
normally high on our priority list. The fact they are basic essentials
is important because they are used in contrast with what should be
our priority in life. That which should supersede our own welfare is
our desire for the rule of God over our life, to result in us seeking to
manifest His righteousness in our lives.

Mark this well: Christ, desiring our best, designs for us His

One of the greatest pleasures in life is pleasing someone
you want to please; someone we have considered as worthy of

Who do you want to please? Choose one primary one. Let it
be Jesus. We should awake each day with Him as the one we want
to please. Is He the one in all things you yearn to please? Not ONE
you seek to please, but THE One. That should be your goal.

When you have a goal it is essential to have check points as
the goal is pursued to be sure you are on course. That is true in

the Christian pursuit of God's kingdom rule in life. Worthy check
points are:

Your conscientiousness in daily prayer for His will.

Your systematic engagement in the study of His Word.

Your perpetual endeavor to live your faith as a witness.

Your willingness to put your resources at His disposal.

When you realize any step - your next step - could be your
first step into eternity, it motivates an evaluation of attitudes and

The verb form used in Matthew regarding seeking first the
kingdom of God means, "Be constantly seeking the kingdom of
God." Give it ...

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