by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 1:18-21

Jesus Christ could not restrain His love for you. He desired
so much to express it that He exited heaven and came to earth to
relate to you under your circumstances. He became one of us that
we might be one with Him.

He could not contain His desire for an eternal relationship
with you, therefore, He came to earth to establish the way to share
eternal life.

In Bethlehem, He, the Eternal God, the great "I AM,"
became captive to time. The day Christ was born was the day the
vastness of eternity was squeezed into a mere moment of time.

He who had existed from everlasting to everlasting was
reduced to living moment-by-moment.

The day Christ was born the Great Potter climbed into His
clay. The Creator who had created man out of the dust of the earth
became one with the creature.

He might have come with regal pomp
With the pealing of an archangel trump--
An angel blast as loud and dread
As that which shall wake the dead.

He came not thus; no earthquake shock
Shivered the everlasting rock;
No trumpet blast nor thunder peal
Made earth throughout all her regions reel;

And but for that mysterious voicing
Of that unearthly choir rejoicing;
And but for that strange herald gem
The star of Bethlehem,

The shepherds, on His natal morn,
Would not have known the Son of God was born;
On wings of love He came -- to save,
To pluck pale terror from the grave,

And on the blood-stained Calvary
He won for us the victory.

Christmas is the celebration of the miracle of miracles.
Greater minds than mine have wrapped themselves around this
and all miracles.

An old man was traveling alone on a train in France. A
young man sitting near by watched as he took out his Bible and
began reading. "What are you reading?" asked the young man.

"I'm reading the sixth chapter of Mark in the New

"What does it sa ...

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