by Nelson Price

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LUKE 21:25-28

Jesus Christ wants to encourage you, build you up, and
guide you. He wants to fill your life with expectancy, hope, and
enthusiasm for living. He wants to give you purpose and power to
fulfill that purpose.

In relating to a group of inquirers He answers three
questions in succession. In Luke 21 He foretold the destruction of
the temple as well as the devastation of Jerusalem. He then
answered a question regarding His second coming. In considering
the creditability of His insight regarding His second coming
attention should be given to the accuracy of His depiction of the
demolition of the temple and desolation of Jerusalem.

He stood beside the magnificent temple and said not one
stone would be left upon another. Impossible the people must have
thought. Some stones weighed more than the heaviest earth
movers of modern time could move.

When Jerusalem was sacked and pillaged fire broke out in
the temple. The gold melted and ran into crevices between stones.
The stones were pried apart to get the gold. Not one stone was left
on top of another.

The destruction of Jerusalem is chronicled by Josephus.

Jesus said "when you see Jerusalem surrounded by
armies...flee to the mountains" (Luke 21: 20, 21).

Impossible. How could they flee if the city is surrounded?
Soon after the crucifixion of Christ the Roman Legions surrounded
Jerusalem and prepared to lay siege. A long and devastating battle
appeared imminent.

One morning as the citizens of Jerusalem awoke the army
was gone. Miles away in Rome the Emperor had died and the
Roman General Vespasian had withdrew to go to Rome and
contend for the throne of Caesar. Many heeded the warning of
Christ and fled. Others ignored it feeling the Romans had given up.

Soon thereafter Titus, the son of Vespasian, surrounded the
city and the horror of its destruction resulted. Various sects withi ...

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