PEACE (6 OF 8)

by Nelson Price

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JOHN 14:27
9/21/97 PM

Jesus Christ had more peace amid adversity than anyone
who ever lived. If He were a living example of peace shouldn't we
who profess to follow Him show the world peace amid adversity?

Jesus was fully aware of the distressing suffering confronting
Him when He spoke of leaving His peace for His followers.

The peace of which Christ spoke is not exempted from
conflict and trial. Jesus was Himself "troubled" (12:27) by the
impending crucifixion. The Scripture presents a transparent Christ.
It depicts Him as "troubled" approaching the excruciating agony of
cruel execution imposed unjustly. Part of His agony was being
branded a criminal and rebel. The Greek translated "now is my soul
troubled," can be translated and it means, "Now has my soul been
thrown into confusion." This proves He wasn't a ghoulish martyr
waiting for a place to happen. This language indicates He was
breaking under the strain of the crisis. He was being overwhelmed
by the irrationality and danger confronting Him. The prayer He was
about to offer indicates His repulsion in the face of agonizing
crucifixion. He was contemplating asking the Father to let "this cup
pass" from Him. Then in bold faith He prayed, "For this very reason
I came to this hour ... Thy will be done." In that breath He was
engulfed in peace.

The "trouble" was tentative and temporary. The resolution
was final -- peace.

I hope the fact Christ was "troubled" reassures you and
encourages you. He wasn't a plastic person walking through life's
events unemotionally. He was in all points tempted even as we --
yet without sin. As our Great High Priest He was touched with our
infirmities. He wasn't speaking from an ivory tower when He said,
"Let not your hearts be troubled." He was saying I have been there
so, as I, stop letting your hearts be troubled peace is potential in
the Father amid crisis. He was confirming that based ...

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