by Nelson Price

I JOHN 5:16

Jesus Christ offers "abundant life" to all who share in the
new life He provides. This new life has its inception in the act of
faith resulting in salvation. Beginning at that moment God goes to
work for the believer to do some wonderful things.

We are indwelt by His Holy Spirit Who becomes our on
board guidance system. We are empowered by Christ who takes
up residence with us, that is, He comes to live within us. We are
enabled by the Holy Spirit to understand Scripture sufficient to give
us the guidance needed. We are embraced in the fellowship of
loving members of our new spiritual family. We are enlivened by a
conscious set free of guilt. We are energized because joy fills our
soul. We are inspired because we are assured of a heavenly

God created us for fellowship with Him and we are only at
peace when in fellowship with Him.

Though our loving Lord does many wonderful things for His
children He does not exempt them from problems or immune them
from difficulty. If He did there would be persons to turn to Him not
because they love Him but because they love themselves and want
to avoid difficulty.

We who are Christians are subject to all the laws of nature
after salvation just as we were before conversion. The primary
difference is we have Christ to enable us to be victorious in dealing
with them once we turn to Him in faith.

One law of nature that applies to everyone is the principle of
death. It is a part of life. Why do Christians die?

There are only three reasons Christians die. Two are very
good and one is not.

Before considering the third reason Christians die let's note
another exceptional sin. It is referred to as "the unpardonable sin"
and is referred to in Matthew 12: 31:

"Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be
forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be
forgiven me ...

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