by Nelson Price

EXODUS 24:1-7

Jesus Christ was victorious because He did not vacillate.
Following Him requires valor and virtue if there is to be victory.

A sociological trait of this generation is a lack of a depth of
commitment. A lack of devotion to athletic teams, commercial
products, marriage, family, and church is spoken of as
characteristic of the present day. Failure to fulfill promises, to abide
by contractual terms, keep commitments, and live up to agreed
upon conditions are hallmarks of our culture.

Those who have reached such conclusions regarding this
generation have done so after intense research. In general we
have been tried in the balances and found lacking.

I want to rush to say that though these traits are common
today I am blessed to see many that don't fit such a mold. Those
who are loyal to our Lord and maintain devotion to His church
stand out nobly. They are a living endorsement of consistency in

If there is one term used more often by students of our
society it is a lack of commitment. If my heart is broken as often as
it is by persons professing to follow Christ by their fits of herky-jerky
on again off again devotion.

Jesus Christ doesn't want a bonfire-pep-rally-kind-of-energy-
of-the-flesh devotion by people who don't even go to the spiritual
game. He deserves a commitment that results in consistent loyalty
and devotion.

Stick-to-it-iveness is one of the most inelegant of non-word
words. A more acceptable synonym is persistence. Most of us
have and do suffer from a lack of it all too often. Perhaps it was first
noticed in you when you were young. Mothers are good at spotting
it. Our burst of short-lived enthusiasm earn for us a reputation.

Many homes are littered with left over equipment we were
going to use. In-line skates, baseball gloves, basketballs, snorkels,
unfinished scrapbooks, and bicycles litter ...

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