by Nelson Price

PSALM 11: 3

JESUS CHRIST was loved, revered, and obeyed by many who
worked to build the foundation of this great nation. Their efforts
were not without debate, challenge, and conflict.

Our Lord's intervention in the affairs of state were distinctly evident
to the craftsmen construction for the foundation of a new nation.
The records of their faith and faithfulness are stored in the archives
of our great institutions of learning.

The most memorable section in Gabriel Garcia Marquez' prize-
winning novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, concerns a strange
disease that invades the old village of Macondo from the
surrounding swamp. It is a lethal insomnia like sickness that attacks
the entire town. Initially people lose sleep, but the villagers do not
feel any bodily fatigue at all. A more critical effect slowly manifests
itself - loss of memory. Gradually victims realize they can no longer
recall the past. Soon they find they cannot remember the name or
the meaning of the simplest things used every day. They cannot
remember the identity of other people, even those closest to them.
Finally, the dementia is complete and their own sense of identity is
erased from consciousness and memory.

One villager, Aureliano Buendia, conceives a way to try to stave off
the loss of memory. He writes the name of everything on pieces of
paper and pastes them to the objects to recall what they are. All the
people begin doing it in their homes. Finally the whole village is
marked: table, chair, clock, door, bed, toothbrush, knife, water
faucet! Animals, flowers and trees are also identified in this way:
cow, goat, banana tree, orchid flower. Alas, what happens when
things will be recognized by the label but no one will remember
their use?

So labels are made more specific. "This is a cow. She must be
milked every morning so that she will produce milk. The milk must
be boile ...

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