by Nelson Price

Nelson Price

JESUS CHRIST has a special word for you. It is a word of hope, cleansing, and purpose. Most have heard it. Not all have listened to it.

In our land we have a special day called Memorial Day. It is an admirable occasion when we pause to reflect on those who have gallantly fought to defend our country and preserve our freedoms. Many have given their lives; some have given parts of their bodies. All have given of themselves. If we forget them, we forget what price was paid for what we enjoy.

There are great truths that make a memorial day. A time to be remembered, lest we let them slip.

It is estimated that about 280,000 young women in the U.S. are literally starving themselves to death. They suffer from a disorder called anorexia nervosa. It means they don't eat properly.

There is a parallel disease in the spiritual realm. It is also self-induced. It is self-produced starvation for spiritual food. Amos predicted this centuries ago when he spoke of a famine of hearing the words of the Lord (Amos 8:11).

In the process of eating there is -
1) ingestion, that is eating or taking in food,
2) digestion, this involves the digestive system processing food for use by the body, and
3) assimilation, the actual use of food for energy or body building.

The spiritual equivalents would be:
1) Ingestion, reading or hearing God's Word.
2) Digestion, involves contemplating or thinking through the Word ingested.
3) Assimilation, is the application of the Word to life situations.

Tragically there is too little reading or hearing of the Word. Even more regrettably too few who hear it think about it sufficiently. Most regrettable, only a fraction of those who hear it apply it.

Hebrews 2:1 encourages us to "give the more earnest heed" to the Word of God. This is addressed to those who have heard it. It is an appeal to digest it "lest we drift away." That is, unless we should fail to apply it.

We ...

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