by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 21: 7 - 9
JESUS CHRIST came to Jerusalem for the celebration of His third
Passover. His coming was not to fulfill prophecy, but His coming
did fulfill prophecy. [READ: ZACHARIAH 9: 9.]
Mark's gospel was the first and is the shortest. In it he
details for us some of the events involved in Jesus' triumphant
entry into Jerusalem.
He told His disciples to go to a little village on the Mount of
Olives and borrow a little donkey for Him. He told them that if
the owner asked what they were doing to simply say, "The Lord
has need of it" (Mark 11: 3).
Why? Why would this strong carpenter who had walked from the
Jordan in the north through Perea to within two miles of
Jerusalem need a donkey? Because in doing so He was making a
Messianic statement. Jesus never came right out and said, "I am
the Messiah." He simply did Messiah things to show He was. His
actions show far more clearly than words.
The people were looking for a physical deliverer from Roman
oppression. He rode a donkey as the prophet said Messiah would.
"They were looking for a king,
To slay their foes and raise them high;
He came a little baby thing
That made a woman cry." George MacDonald
The title "Lord" translates the Greek word KURIOS. It was the
Greek word used to translate the Hebrew word Jehovah. In Mark11:
3 Jesus uses it of Himself. Thus, contrary to what some persons
say He did claim to be God.
"The Lord has need..."He st ...

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