by Nelson Price

I KINGS 18: 21
JESUS CHRIST repetitiously implored the people of His day to
remember their heritage. That same Biblical principle appeals to
us today to remember our own heritage and learn from it.
Part of the heritage of the Israeli people and consequently our
heritage in the faith was an experience involving the foremost
of the Hebrew prophets, Elijah. On Mount Carmel one of the most
intense dramas in the history of ancient Israel was played out.
Elijah, "the prophet of fire," challenged the people to turn
from their flirtation with the pagan false deity Baal and commit
themselves to the Lord God.
At issue was a principle that is relevant today. Would the Lord
God who ruled over the fathers and mothers rule over them and
their sons and daughters, as well as succeeding generations? In
our day the same question is pertinent. Who is going to be the
god of the American people? Personalize it: "Who is going to be
your God?"
Elijah, single-handedly confronted 450 prophets of the false god
Baal. It was to be a time of show-and-tell for his God.
Elijah posed the question: "How long will you falter between two
opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, then
follow him."
Mount Carmel, overlooking the Galilean Mountains and the Valley
of Jezreel, was a stellar setting for this showdown.
This epoch is a turning point in the history of Israel. To this
day national Israel has a right to reflect on it with pride. All
who ...

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