by Nelson Price

LUKE 12:15

JESUS CHRIST said, "Take heed and beware of covetousness, for
one's life does not consist in the abundance of the things he
possesses" (Luke 12:15).
That is antithetical to the modern mind set regarding
materialism. A bumper sticker states the philosophy of many:
"He wins who dies with the most toys."
People are driven to obtain the things that fulfill their
determined lifestyle.
This can't be sustained. Our collective overindulgence,
overconsumption, and overproduction can't go on forever. Those
who learn that in advance and change our lifestyle to be
prepared for it will have an advantage.
We are a generation with a grwoing materialistic appetite and
dwindling resources.
"Emphasis on continuous economic growth is a black hole that has
already sucked up a majority of the world's critical
non-renewable resources." The Emerging Order, Jeremy Rifkin.
There is a solution. It is to reintroduce into our system the
evangelical Christian ethic of unselfishness and low
consumption. Do we personally have the commitment to make such
a change in our lifestyle and hence in our culture?
We are to be good "stewards." That means we are to manage what
we have with care. Giving is a vital part of the Christian
experience. The proper investment of some of our income is
also.We are to develop our resources a "faithful stewards." In
the parable of the talents those who were faithful compounded
their pounds (Luke 19:11-27).
Material goods are one of our greatest causes for worry. Three
times in Matthew 6 Jesus appeals to us not to worry.
"Be not anxious (25a, 31a, 34a ...

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