The word strikes terror in the hearts of all of us. No one wants
it. It is abhorrent to think about.
Solomon, a man considered the wisest of the wise, wrote: "By
wise counsel wage war" (Proverbs 20: 10).
The evident fact is that there are times war is the wisest of
alternatives. Conversely, that statement implies that if there
is a better option than war it should be exercised. Lamentably
there is not always a better option. We tried every conceivable
option to avoid war with Hitler. In the time such efforts were
being made millions were being herded into concentration camps
where they all suffered and many died. Almost as many lives were
lost in the effort to avoid war as in the war.
Christ said there would be wars and rumors of wars. Currently
there are several major wars going on in the world without us
being directly involved. Our lack of involvement causes us to be
detached. Our potential involvement appropriately causes
concern. We can only pray that we are listening to a rumor of
There are those of us who were sitting on a hot spot when
Russian missals were found in Cuba pointing directly at us.
Therefore, we remember vividly President Kennedy appealing to
the nation: "In your homes, churches, and schools pray." It is
pretty serious when the president calls on the nation to pray in
schools. Potential peril was that apparent.
Well now is another time for our nation to get on its knees. It
is a commendable exercise under any circumstances. Right now it
is expedient.
Pray for our president and his counselors, our military
personnel and their families, and for the demented mind that

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