by Nelson Price

What's A Dad To Do?
Nelson Price
Ephesians 6: 4

JESUS CHRIST searched through the reservoir of human language to find a word to help our understanding of Almighty God. The word
He chose was Father. In His magnificent message on the mountain,
Christ referred to God only five times. He called God "Father"
seventeen times.
By observing how He used the title Father, we can learn much of
what is expected of earthly dads. I know this is a sensitive
topic. There are some children whose dads have made such a
travesty of their role that their children feel if God is
anything like that, I don't want to have anything to do with
Some dads have an industrial size guilt trip on this day. They
know they have done a sorry job in their office and this day
brings it into focus.
At dinner one evening a teenage son asked for use of the car. He
appealed for it to be used for a double date to go to the movie.
He promised they would go only to the movie, drive carefully,
and be home by 11:00 PM. Dad consented and with great delight
the son finished his aborted meal and set out with great
At 11:00 PM the son wasn't home. Soon thereafter the phone rang.
It was a nurse at the hospital who said, "There has been an
accident and someone close to you has asked that you be
notified." Instantly the dad questioned, "Is he hurt bad?"
"No,"came the reply, "and the car doesn't seem to be damaged
badly either." "Wonderful," said the relieved parent, "tell our
son we will be right there." "Your son?" said the nurse, "It
isn't your son who is here, it is your dad."
The father hung up the phone and turning to his wife said, "It
looks like we have been con ...

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