by Nelson Price

JESUS CHRIST warned there would come a day when there appeared
to be no way out.
There is a revolution going on in America today as dramatic as
that in Bosnia. There are physical and emotional fatalities.
Jesus prayed in John 17 that the Father would keep the disciples
in the world, but that they would not become of the world.
We are to be "in," NOT "of," the world. Neither are we to be
"out of" the world either.
We must be in touch, but not in tune with the world. To do this
we must be in tune with the Holy Spirit.
If you take your signals from our current culture it will turn
you the wrong way.
The Christian community faces current characteristics not
confronted by our predecessors.
1. America has become a low commitment society.
Christ said, "Seek you first the kingdom..."
A Sunday School teacher calls children to urge them to be
present on high attendance day and hears such response as: "Next
Sunday morning I have a ballgame at 10:00." "Seek you first
place in the softball league."
"I can't attend. My friend is dancing at Six Flags and I
promised to go see her." Seek you first a pass to Six Flags.
Dare we defy our world and "Come out of it?"
2. Ours is a multiple choice society; a pluralistic culture.
People expect choice. Remember when you could order a Coke
andexpect a Coke. Now you have to choose between Classic Coke,
cherry Coke, sugar-free Coke, and caffeine-free Coke.
3. America now has a low moral baseline. We live in an urban
quagmire. In 1962, the Bible was taken out of the public schools
after having been there from the beginning. As a consequence, to
appeal to someone under ...

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