by Nelson Price

Easter’s Afterglow
Nelson Price
John 20: 1 - 8

(PAGE 1588 Come Alive Bible) Jesus Christ towers on history’s horizon like Mt. Everest would the beach of Georgia’s Jekyll Island. Historically, His bodily resurrection consequented in consternation, bewilderment, and disbelief. Such emotions formed compost from which the seed of faith grew. The Christian faith is based on three supernatural realities: Christ’s virgin birth, His vicarious death, and His victorious resurrection.

Many pulpits today try to accommodate the world and humanize Christianity by making it all natural. These things are not natural - they are supernatural. They are above and beyond nature. They are divine happenings. The resurrection is too significant an event to be crowded into one day of celebration. It raises enough questions to deserve a viewing of its afterglow. Let’s seek answers to some of those questions and by doing so, strengthen our faith. Christ, as the prophets before Him, had said He would be in the grave ‘‘three days.’’ The Scripture doesn’t say He was crucified on Friday. It does say He arose ‘‘on the first day of the week,’’ which was Sunday. It says the next day after the crucifixion was the ‘‘Sabbath.’’ The Aramaic word ‘‘sabbaton’’ was a transliteration which meant ‘‘to cease or desist.’’ Saturday, the seventh day of the week, was set aside to commemorate the completion of creation. The word ‘‘Sabbath’’ does not, however, mean Saturday.

Saturday was for centuries observed by the Jews as their Sabbath. It was a sign between God and Israel (Ex. 31: 13, 16, 17; Ezek. 20: 10 - 12). It was intended to remain in force ‘‘till the seed should come to whom the promise was made’’ (Gal. 3: 19). That is a reference to the coming of Jesus. That resurrection Sunday morning the seed sprouted from the grave and the law died. Soon thereafter, Jews who knew prophecy changed their day of worship from Saturday to Sunday, known as the ‘‘Lord’s day,’’ because the resurrection on that d ...

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