by Nelson Price

The Mutual Benefits Of Sharing
Nelson Price
II Kings 7: 1 - 9

JESUS CHRIST is the Bread of Life sufficient to satisfy the
spiritual hunger of the world. Jesus Christ is the Water of Life
adequate to quench the spiritual thirst of anyone. Evidences
abound indicating our society is a spiritually hungry and
thirsty culture eating and drinking at all the wrong places.
The growth of the New Age movement reveals a spiritual appetite.
The aggression of Secular Humanism indicates spiritual
starvation. The mushrooming of the occult and cults shows a
thirst for the spiritual meaning of life.
While the world drinks from these and other salty fountains, the
church of the Lord Jesus Christ seems to be willing to sit at
ease in Zion. Contentment should never be confused as being
complacency. While cult and occult members evangelize America,
the church sits on its apathy. By that I mean we individual
Christians aren't doing a very good job of obeying Christ by
going into all the world to make disciples.
We laugh at Moonies standing on street corners in the rain
selling flowers. Let me ask you, when was the last time you
stood in the rain to tell somebody about Jesus? Satanists stand
outside theaters showing occult films to recruit prospects as
they come out. When was the last time you approached somebody
for Christ or His beloved bride, the church?

One cultic group requires its members to spend a minimum of ten
hours a month sharing with others, five hours a week attending
meetings, and several hours in study. Their religion isn't mere
formality. They go door-to-door witnessing.
A child came into the room and said, "Mom, you know that vase in
the living room ...

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