by Nelson Price

How To Deal With A Loser Complex
Nelson Price
Psalms 142: 1 - 4

JESUS CHRIST loves losers. How do I know that? Became He loves people and among us are a lot of people who feel like losers. Though few have gone so far as to have themselves tattooed with the words "Born to Lose," many live feeling that way. Have you ever felt like a loser? Most of us have.

There is a little of Rodney Dangerfield in all of us: "I don't get no respect."

There are times most of us feel like the fellow who went to see a psychiatrist complaining he had an inferiority complex. After a series of tests the psychiatrist gave him these words of assurance: "You don't have an inferiority complex. You really are inferior."

Do you ever feel like a failure? Have you ever noticed that when you get to feeling that way everything seems to go wrong?


Recently I was nominated for President of the Southern Baptist Convention. I lost the election. I came home thinking that at least I would find sanctuary in our own home. We walked into the house, turned on the light and it blew out. Turning on the light in the next room, we found the house had been invaded by creepy crawler insects which we had to exterminate.

It was late but still light enough to see outside. Mowing the lawn would be physical therapy. Well, while away, evidently someone replaced the cutting blades of the mower with little tomahawks because the mower uncharacteristically scalped a long stretch right in front of the front door of our house.

By now I am feeling, "Why does everything bad have to happen to me?" A nice warm shower would surely be relaxing. I reached in to turn on the faucet to await the water reaching the right temperature before switching to the shower and getting in. The person who had used it last had not switched back from shower to tub and I got a shot of cold water right in the face.

Well, at least I could relax and watch one my favorite teams progress in the NBA playoffs ...

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