by Nelson Price

The Gift You Should Give First
Nelson Price
II Corinthians 8: 1 - 9

JESUS CHRIST, who gave Himself for us, is deserving of our best.
No gift to Him is acceptable until we have made the optimum
gift of ourself. Have you ever really given yourself away? Or
are you living in a "me" tight world?
Recently we have been studying Scripture passages that deal with
putting first things first. If step by step one takes the first
steps suggested in the Bible, this next step will be
Christ appealed to us to "seek first the kingdom of God."
He identified the first and great commandment as loving the Lord
with all your being.
Persons in New Testament churches who did so are described in II
Corinthians 8: 5 as those who "first gave themselves to the
Are you reluctant to relinquish the key to the control center of
your life to Jesus Christ? Is there hesitancy to let Him sit
at the master control board of your will and guide you in every
discipline of life?
Some persons, by their lives, indicate they want Him to be their
Savior to spare them hell and provide for them heaven. However,
in the intervening time between salvation and eternity, they
want to continue to run their lives without regard to Hiswill
and without expression of their gratitude and devotion to Him.
Pitch your mental tent over this truth and put the spotlight of
remembrance on it. We define our lives and identify our
loyalties by what we say and do. If what we do is in conflict
with, or contradicts what we say, what we do trumps what we say.
If we say we love Jesus but do not do those things the Bible
notes as barometers of love for Him, we thereby define and

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