by Nelson Price


ROMANS 12: 1 - 2
JESUS CHRIST alone is capable of meeting one of the basic needs
of your life. If you are a normal person, you understand what
Paul Tournier meant when he said everyone has an "inexhaustible
need to be loved and a continual fear of not being loved ... The
truth is that God alone can fill the affective need of men; God
alone is always there, in His limitless love."
When you enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ,
then you know you are perpetually unconditionally loved and He
is always there when you need Him. ALWAYS!
You ought never to think of yourself apart from God. If you do,
you get an incomplete and distorted concept of yourself.
Test this fact by answering one question:
"Do you like yourself?"
Does your action contradict your answer? Do you say "yes," but
do you so dislike yourself that you often wear masks because you
are afraid people won't like the real "you" professed by you to
be liked?
Self-esteem is an expression so labeled in our present society.
There are terms worthy of our use and which we need to consider.
They are self-image and self-worth. Do you have a good wholesome
self-image? That is, one neither given to self-inflation of
self-effacement; not phoned to be egotistical or
self-condemning. Do you properly view yourself?
Dr. Robert Magee, founder of RAPHA, in his book Search for
Significance, says most people consider their self-worth by the
formula: Self-Worth = Performance + Other's Opinions. Simply
stated, I must be approved by certain others in order to feel

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