by Nelson Price

Programmed for Self-Destruction or Success
Zach Terry
John 15: 5-11

JESUS CHRIST doesn't want to save you and launch you into life like a skyrocket at Christmas. Though skyrockets are fun, they are not a pretty picture of a purposeful life. The erratic route of the rocket soon blazes out and falls purposeless to earth.

Jesus Christ want to save you and become your on-board guidance system. He wants your life to be typified more by one of NASA's most successful deep space rocket launches. Those deep space probes reach their objective because on board is an on-board guidance system. It is based on a gyroscopically balanced ''stable platform'' within the rocket. The guiding ''eye'' of the system is locked on to a distant stable stellar object. If the rocket gets off target the guidance system corrects its course.

That, in part, is what Jesus Christ wants to be in your life. In everything He has a perfect will for us. He wants to keep us on target. One definition of sin is ''missing the mark.'' If we get off target He wants to get us back on target.

It helps if we know the target and are committed to reaching it.

The early Christians spoke and wrote of their spiritual wealth and inheritance. They were like persons who had struck an Eldorado and sent back word of their discovery. Have you discovered your spiritual heritage? If so, are you applying it?

Does your habitual thought pattern result in a lifestyle that gives evidence of your belief? Take for example the concept, ''My God shall supply all thy need according to His riches in glory.'' Do you believe it? Two persons may experience the same thing and respond differently.

One may say, ''I can't cope with this; it isn't fair; it's just not right. Nobody can endure this.''

The other might say, ''This is my opportunity to give God occasion to prove Himself faithful. I will go through this with faith in Him.''

The response is determined not only by what is programmed into the mind, but wheth ...

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