by Nelson Price

Dr. Nelson Price
Matthew 6:33-34

JESUS CHRIST said, "If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me" (Matt. 16:24). A prominent modern school of thought says, "The joyous journey is the journey inward called self-discovery."

Trying to take this journey inward without Christ as Guide is like traveling into an unknown territory without a compass or map.

"Self" is the modern idol before which many worship. Self has replaced Christ as God in many lives.

Self-esteem has even become a prominent part of curriculum material in some schools. Unfortunately, much of the material used in such courses is based on New Age concepts, not Biblical principles. The core of their philosophy is what has been known for years as pantheism. This school of thought advocates God created everything, therefore, everything is God. You are god. Trees, animals, and even mother earth are god. Since you are a god created by God, you are a continuation of creation and you are a creator. You create your own reality by what you think. There is a big difference between everything being created by God, which it was, and everything created being God, which it isn't.

New Age self-esteem advocates say it is through self-esteem you come to realize your full human potential. In core curriculum material, the fact that your human potential is god is only hinted at. However, it is a climate in which their school of thought can be readily cultivated.

Persons who spend time trying to uncover self neglect discovering God.

Self cannot discover itself, of itself, by itself, or for itself. True self-discovery requires a guide and the Holy Spirit uses the Bible as the guide to true self-discovery. Our "feel good society" places importance in what makes you feel good. The journey to becoming a self is described by such words as "way out," "escape," "happy," "exciting," and "pleasurable." The focus is on stimulation. ...

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