by Nelson Price

Remember Your First Love
Nelson Price

JESUS CHRIST loves you. Do you love Him more today than at any time in your life? If you have never trusted Him as your savior, today is a matchless time to turn in trust and thrust yourself dependently upon Him with reliance for His grace in time and for eternity. If you are a Christian and you cannot honestly say you are closer to Him than ever in your life, you have backslidden. Today is a marvelous time to return and renew your devotion. Remember when the very citizenship of your soul changed kingdoms? Remember the pure, almost sacred, feelings you had when you came to Christ? The paradise of first love is a germ that needs to be cultured and allowed to grow. The emotion may fade but the relationship can and must grow in intimacy. Our emotions, that is our feelings change, as they must, but the confident relationship must grow.

As we grow spiritually, feelings may change but facts don't. Sentiment must be stabilized by study. Ecstasy must be embraced by experience. Passion must be by predicated on principles. Persons don't take giant steps away from Christ. Their devotion most often deteriorates imperceptibly. A flower dies so slowly that from moment to moment the decaying process is not noticeable. However, after a few days the difference is distinct.

Forgetfulness of our first love usually begins with a few slight indulgences that you formerly would not have tolerated. A casual brief venture into enemy territory may result in alienation from your first love.

Let's each make this a day of personal spiritual inventory. Be honest to God in answering whether you are closer to Him today than at any time in your life. Are you? Christ addressed seven churches in the Book of the Revelation. To each He gave an analysis, an appraisal, and an appeal. The first one addressed was the church at Ephesus. To understand the process of spiritual atrophy let's look at an x-ray of this ch ...

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