by Nelson Price

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Depressed? You're In Good Company - Part 2 (2 of 2)
Nelson Price

A variety of emotions flirt with our feelings. Hiding deep down
in the emotions of many, like a jack-in-the-box in a neatly
wrapped gift package, waiting to spring out and surprise us is
the emotion of depression.
Depression is the "common cold" of our emotions. There seems to
be no way to prevent it and no instant cure.
One of the saddest things about depression is that those
depressed tend to think they are the only ones suffering from
this inward enemy. Quite the contrary is true. A study by the
National Institute of Health reveals that depression is a
billion dollar a year business. More than 8 million Americans go
to a doctor each year to be treated for depression. Over
150,000 of these are hospitalized. "Newsweek" reports that it is
now in an epidemic stage. You are not alone.
So many people suffer from depression at Christmas one form has
been named "Christmas neurosis."
If you are depressed, you are in good company.
Can you conceive of MOSES as depressed. In its most acute stages
depression tends toward suicide. Even after being used of the
Lord as an agent to perform miracles Moses became so depressed
it is recorded in Numbers 11: 14, 15 that he cried out to God "I
am not able to bear these people alone...kill me..."
Can you depict ELIJAH as depressed. This was a man of God so
strong in the faith that by God's grace he called fire down from
heaven. This man who defied the godless King Ahab and his vile
wife, Queen Jezebel, and defeated the prophets of Baal suffered
such depth of depression that he pleaded with God, "O Lord ...
take away my life" (I Kings 19:4).
JONAH even ...

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