by Nelson Price

Matthew 5:7

JESUS CHRIST whispered in the ear of the young emerging church
and the world overheard Him speak of being "Blessed..." These
eight sayings are called Beatitudes -- beautiful attitudes. The
first four deal with initial attitudes. The last four with the
productivity of a life evidencing these attitudes.
I. P R O M I S E
BLESSED = This is His promise. It speaks of a happiness not
dependent on circumstances but character based on Christ's
EUDAEMONICS = The science of happiness. The definition implies
there are certain scientific principles involved in happiness.
Laws of chemistry and math are fixed. Their inflexibility has
been demonstrated for years. Likewise, the Beatitudes and their
result are just as inflexibly fixed. Protest and pretense won't
keep 2+2 from equalling 4. Resistance and refutation won't
change the result of the Beatitudes. Jer. 31:33 teaches us that
God's laws governing conduct and consequenting happiness are
fixed in hearts.
The Beatitudes are based on the presupposition that the world
does not owe you happiness, nor can it grant it. Only God can.
Compliance with His guidelines enables us to enjoy it.
Dr. Matthew N. Chappel: "Happiness is purely internal. It is
produced not by objects, but ideals, thoughts and attitudes
which can be developed and constructed by the individual's
ownactivities, irrespective of the environment." Those ideals
are the truths taught by Christ here at Mt. Beatitudes
If you are waiting for conditions around you to produce

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