by Nelson Price

Jochebed: The Product Of A Mother's Faith And Courage
Nelson Price
Hebrews 11: 23

JESUS CHRIST honored and complimented His earthly mother. He said there was none like her. One of His last earthly acts was to provide for her two earthly needs from the cross. He called out to His disciple John and commanded him to care for Mary, His mother. He then died for her sins and ours. Those of you who still have living mothers, when was the last time you showed her honor, complimented her, and assured her of your concern for her welfare?

Mother's Day is one of the most difficult days of the year. There is much guilt associated with it.

Many mothers feel they failed their children. Many mothers know they let their children down by not living a Godly example before them and failing to bring them up in the nurture of the Lord.

Many children feel they have failed their mothers. Many children live with the reality they have broken the heart of their mother.

With legalized abortion on demand many young females will wrestle with a guilt complex for years because they made a major mistake and complicated it by not acting responsibly and giving live birth to their child. Whatever you say about abortion, it must be conceded that abortion stops a beating heart.

A growing number of persons are pro choice. Wait before responding to that statement, and hear me out. They believe a young woman has the right to choose to engage in the act that may well result in conception of a human being, BUT once that choice is made, inherent in it is the responsibility for the welfare of the child conceived. The choice is made before conception. After conception comes the responsibility for keeping that human heart beating. I commend those courageous young mothers who having made a mistake act responsibly and become the birth mother of the child conceived.

The family role of mother should be prefaced by assuming the lofty role of wife. That in itself is a challenge. Young married ...

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