by Nelson Price

How To Develop Self Control
Nelson Price
II Peter 1: 5 - 8

Jesus Christ knows your strength and your weakness. He wants to help with both.

He knows when you feel like saying: "I give up! I just can't change. I will always be disorganized and lack self-control." Does that sound like someone has been reading your mind if not your diary?

Do you lack self-control? Has your lack of self-control ever cost you financially or caught you off guard morally and spiritually?

To think of self-control apart from the enabling strength of God is to think impractically. Self-control without the strength of God is like taking a trip without a road map or guide. God's Word helps define what it is.

In Acts 24: 25 self-control follows "righteousness" which represents God's claims. Self-control is our response to God's claims.

In II Peter 1: 6 self-control follows "knowledge." Thus, self-control involves putting into practice what is learned of God.

A loss of self-control involves using a good thing in a bad way. For example normal hunger, thirst, fatigue, and sex are good in God's sight. When your appetite takes control and you lose self-control, it becomes the sin of gluttony. When thirst causes an alcoholic beverage to be consumed, it is wrong. When fatigueconsequents in laziness, it is wrong. When the normal sex drive goes into over drive causing a loss of self-control and adultery results, it is wrong.

There are ways to tell if you lack self-control.

I. SYMPTOMS OF A LACK OF SELF-CONTROL There is a test known as the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis. One thing it relates to is self-control. It reveals that persons who lack self-control suffer from nervousness, depression, subjectivity (self-centeredness), and a critical disposition. Reversing the process: if you tend toward being unduly nervous, depressed, self-centered, and critical, you have symptoms indicating you lack self-control. Harry Kalas introduced Philadelphia baseball p ...

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