by Nelson Price

GALATIANS 5: 22 - 25
JESUS CHRIST knows our nature and He wants to help us gain a
victory. He knows our disposition and temperament. Yet He still
loves us.
Do you ever struggle with moral decisions? Are you ever
challenged by your glands trying to entice you to physically do
that which you know is morally and spiritually wrong?
Do you ever loose these spiritual battles? Would you like to
consistently win more? You can.
We live in a society that has lost its sense of moral propriety.
"Thus saith the majority" has become the plea for mediocrity.
If it is wrong it does appear "everybody is doing it."
When an object starts rolling it builds momentum. An expression
has grown out of this principal involving a snow ball rolling
down hill. We say of a thing that is growing uncontrollably,
"It's snow-balling." The further it goes the faster is goes and
the bigger it grows. That is what is happening on the moral
scene in America today.
An example of this is profanity in entertainment. Until Clark
Gable as Rhett Butler said the "D" word in "Gone With the Wind"
there was absolutely no profanity or vulgarity in the
entertainment media. Believe it or not the world actually got
along well without it. That single word has snow-balled into an
uncontrollable avalanche of vulgarity. It seems uncontrollable.
America fought and won two world wars, recovered from a great
depression, survived several major plagues, entered the
industrial revolution, initiated the atomic era, and inaugurated
space exploration, all without the need for marijuana or
cocaine. What started with a small n ...

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