by Nelson Price

II Corinthians 9: 5 - 11
(Page 1695 "Come Alive Bible")
JESUS CHRIST should be our ultimate source for insight. Though
every portion of the Scripture is as inspired as that printed in
red, I find great inspiration in the words that came from the
lips of Christ. His words are a confirmation of all the content
of Scripture.
Take for example the issue of money. There is no area of life
regarding which people are more sensitive. For that reason the
Bible speaks about it more than about heaven and hell. It does
so in order to establish proper attitudes that give contentment.
In the Old Testament there is a specific command:
"Bring all the tithes into the storehouse..." (Mal. 3: 10).
Persons who need to fine tune their lives spiritually often
begin to quibble at this point by applying their definition of
"the storehouse." If you are going to do what the Bible says do,
it should be done in the way intended. Some persons consider
gifts to commendable charities as their "storehouse.' That is
not what the Scripture meant. Some define their "storehouse" as
financial support they give a needy relative or friend. That is
good to do in addition to what the Bible requires. Corners of
fields and tops of trees.
I concluded my research in trying to be certain what was meant
in Scripture by "storehouse" by asking one of America's foremost
Old Testament scholars what it meant. He confirmed whatmy study
had indicated. In the Old Testament era there were three places
where people worshipped in which there was what was known as
"the storehouse." Faithful followers of the Lord brought their
firstfruits to the one they attended. A ...

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