by Nelson Price

[The Fourth Secret of Happiness - Abiding (Obeying)]

Jesus Christ finished bearing His soul to His disciples in the
upper room and walked down Mt. Zion through the Valley of
Jesophat, across the brook Kedron to the Garden of Gethsemane.
The walk would have carried them through freshly pruned
vineyards. Doubtless smoldering embers remained from fires in
which the pruned limbs were burned. A Passover full-moon beams
down on them as He teaches.
In the rarified supernatural air of this divine high ground, the
Lord reveals three basics:
*What He expects of believers (Vss. 12 & 17).
The 19th Century German philosopher, Nietzsche, helped lay the
intellectual cornerstone for Naziism. He tells that he once
considered becoming a Christian. He was so interested that he
went to live among a colony of Christians who were considered
quite devout. He later wrote, "These Christians will have to
look a lot more redeemed before I can believe in it." The joy
of the Lord is thy strength.
*What believers can expect from the world (Vs. 19).
Look at some of what the world's hatred for the work and word of
the Lord has resulted in:
1. An aggressive drug culture growing out of greed that is such
a threat to our nation's life that our President calls for a
drug war costing millions.
2. Rampant child abuse resulting from two things:
A. A mentality that says if I can legally kill my pre-born baby
I can certainly do what I want to it after it is born.
B. A one half billion dollar a year child pornography industry
that communicates the concept of you can do ...

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