by Nelson Price

LUKE 6: 38

JESUS CHRIST said it so I accept it. He said the sure way to get
is to give. He said if you give generously you are going to
receive even more generously. I can't make you that promise.
After all I don't have to--Jesus has. I can't stand behind that
promise. After all I don't have to--Jesus does.
He said it and I don't doubt it. Neither do I understand it. It
is like all of His grace, it passes understanding. To doubt the
principle is to doubt the Person stating it. To doubt it is to
doubt God Almighty. His promises are as good as He.
Some people say folks don't want to hear messages on giving. I
am not talking about giving. I am talking about getting. Most
folks have a nominal interest in that. This may be one of the
few messages you have ever heard on getting.
If you are going to fault me for talking about this great truth,
blame God for revealing it in His Word. The principles to be
shared are right off the pages of His Book.
I want to share with you a statement that is as strong as
battery acid. It is this:
"If you have anything that is indispensable, give it to God."
If you can't give it to God, it is your god. Some can't give a
proper portion of their possessions to God because possessions
are their god. Some can't give a certain person to God because
that person is their god.
Some years ago I was dating a lovely little girl from the Magic
City of Bogalusa, Louisiana. Our's was a good courtship but it
was a courtship. Nothing is sure and final during courtship. It
is a decision making time. ...

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