by Nelson Price

LUKE 2: 22 - 32
JESUS CHRIST, the Prince of Peace, wants to bring peace to your
life. His birth brought Him into the world at a turbulent time.
Regardless of how turbulent times might be in your life, He can
enable you to have the same joy provided an old man named Simeon
at the time of His birth.
Forty days after His birth Mary and Joseph journeyed the ten
miles form Bethlehem to Jerusalem to participate in a right
enjoyed by their predecessors from the time of Moses. Forty days
after birth all male children went through a special ritual. The
same was done for female children eighty days after birth. You
all know why the difference in the number of days so I won't go
into that. Incidentally, if you do know the reason let me know.
This is one of those things God saw no need to explain. I am
confident it was for the good of both male and female because He
loves all equally.
The parents of a child to be dedicated engaged in a two-part
First, they brought a redemption gift. In Egypt God had
delivered the people of Israel from slavery, sparing their
first-born children, while slaying the first-born of all
Egyptians. This redemption offering was a continued expression
acknowledging this deliverance.
Second, they brought a purification sacrifice of a pair of doves
or two young pigeons. This was the gift of the poor to evidence
their desire to live pure before the Lord.
There was an old man named Simeon. He was a man filled with the
Holy Spirit (Vs. 25). As a result, he was "just and devout."
He ...

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