by Nelson Price

HEBREWS 11: 8 - 16
Jesus Christ offers stability. Life has it's storms, but Christ
gives the believer a stable foundation amid the storm.
After a major hurricane had swept the Gulf of Mexico, I visited
with a friend on an off-shore oil rig. I noticed it was
supported by three massive shafts which were anchored to the
floor of the Gulf. Those three columns represent three support
factors in our Christian experience.
Consider Abraham as Exhibit "A" of the three factors supporting
every believer.
I. C A L L I N G
To understand the New Testament better get to know Abraham
better. He was the father of the Jewish and Arab nations.
Abraham could have used any one of several excuses used today as
a basis for not doing God's will. Excuses such as - - -
A. I AM UNWORTHY - That is not an excuse, that is a
confession. He came from idol worshippers. Why did God call him?
Modern American mentality seems to believe that God looks down
from heaven and sees some people He just can't do without. They
are so talented and possess such charisma God just has to have
them in His service. Nothing could be further from the truth.
As stated in Deut. 7: 7,8 God called Abraham because as stated
"...the Lord loved you..."
People want to believe some are successful and called because of
their personal virtue, value, or vitality. In the day of Christ
this wasn't true either. Note: John 6:65, 66.
B. I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH FAITH. Abraham had no faith when He was
called. His faith was not the cause of His calling, but calling
became an occasion for his faith. God called and Abraham
believed God.
Faith is merely confiden ...

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