by Nelson Price

LUKE 2: 51, 52
JESUS CHRIST had a growing relationship. Biblically He is
described as growing in four dimensions:
INTELLECTUALLY = He grew in "wisdom."
PHYSICALLY = "in statue."
SPIRITUALLY = "in favor with God."
Every relationship needs to grow in each of these regards.
Friendships, working associations, parent/child, and
husband/wife relationships need to grow in all four areas. Often
one or more of the facets will grow while one is completely
ignored and the person or persons involved think it is a good
relationship while the other's interest lies in the undeveloping
area and there is a breakdown in the relationship. This often
catches the unsuspecting one off guard.
When this happens in most relationships, the first reaction is
"let's just break the relationship." In businesses this results
in partnerships being dissolved. In courtship it consequents in
no longer going steady. In marriage this is spelled
Let's take the marriage relationship as an example of how to
work at developing better relationships. I have never known a
marriage that couldn't fail. Likewise, I have never known one
that couldn't succeed. Both of those statements usually catch
some people off-guard. They picture what they consider the ideal
relationship and think it can never fail. Yes it can and
willunless the parties work at maintaining a good relationship.
They reflect on some complex marriages and think they can never
work. Oh, yes they can --- if both parties are willing to work

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