by Nelson Price

GENESIS 28: 16 - 22
JESUS CHRIST said, chided a group of legalistic religious
leaders of His day called Pharisees for omitting from their
lives "justice and mercy and faith." He then commended them for
a positive act by saying, "you pay tithes" and you should not
leave this "undone." As a child I needed no other text in the
entire Bible to inform and inspire me to tithe. I tithed the
first dime I made and have every dollar since. I did it before I
was called to preach, and I continue to do it today. I don't do
it out of a sense of obligation but as an expression of
gratitude to the living-giving God who has given me everything I
have. Psychologically, I find it gratifying to show my love to
the Lord in this meager manner. Spiritually, I find it
fulfilling to know I am doing what my Lord desires. To me it is
an act of obedience by which I can symbolize my devotion to my
I would be derelict if I did not teach you the meaning of
tithing and how meaningful it is to tithe.
I would be remiss if I did not teach this portion of God's Word
and thus share the full counsel of our God.
In the Old Testament there is an experience in the life of Jacob
that should serve as an example to us regarding the expedience
of tithing.
Jacob had deceived his father, betrayed his brother, and was
running from God. At a place he would later name Bethel, "the
house of God," he had an encounter with the Lord that
transformedhis life. Of the unlikely place where He encountered
the Lord, he said, "Surely the Lord was in this place, and I did
not know it." ...

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