by Nelson Price

For A Happy New Year Try A Happy New You!
Nelson Price
Joshua 3: 1 - 5

JESUS CHRIST wants to meet us at the point of the impossible and lead us through the unknown. A grand time to personally encounter Him is upon confronting a new year with all of its promise and potential. This is a time for a spiritual inventory. Candidly evaluate yourself on these points:

* Do you know for sure that if you were to die in this calendar year you would go to heaven?

* Do you know you have the spiritual resources to enable you to face a crisis in this new year?

* Do you know you enter this new year with I John 1: 9 fully employed?

* Do you know that you have the right church home in which you can grow in grace and knowledge?

Let's look at the experience of Joshua and the children of Israel in the historical moment when they prepared to enter the land of promise. In doing so we see three parallels potential in our lives.

The Jordan river at flood tide lies between them and the land of promise. It is the wrong time but God's time to cross it. Many people think the experience of crossing the Jordan is a picture of death and entering heaven. It isn't. It is a spiritual picture symbolizing the difference in a spirit-filled life as contrasted with a carnal life. It identifies a time of moving from a self-centered life to a Christ-life. It marks the end of a life characterized by energy of the flesh self-effort and one lived on the principle of faith and obedience.

I. THE CHALLENGE (Joshua 3:4 "You have not passed this way before.")

Years after Joshua, Alexander the Great led his militant marauders across Asia Minor. He paused at the Khyber Pass in the foothills of the majestic Hindu Kush mountains. Beyond was the unknown nation of India and other Oriental lands. Within the limits of his knowledge he was standing at the end of the world. The lands beyond had not been mapped and c ...

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