by Nelson Price

A Biblical Standard For Pastor And People
Nelson Price
I Peter 5: 1-4

JESUS CHRIST pledged Himself to build His church. He always does things orderly. Therefore, He has organized His church. The text lists three primary group exhortations. This shows the church to have been well organized. Consider these traits of the pastor and the people in a church functioning as intended.


There are three words in the Greek text used here to refer to the office of pastor:

PRESBUTEROS - ''Elder'' EPISKOPOS - ''overseer'' or ''bishop''

POIMENES - ''Shepherd'' Parenthetically it is interesting to note Peter refers to himself as a ''fellow elder.'' If he had been the head of the church, this would not have been the title chosen. In verse one he makes even more emphatic his togetherness by using the word ''partaker.''

The first two titles noted refer to the same person as the third. Two internal, Bible evidences indicate the first two to be the same as the third:

In Philippians 1:1 Paul greeted the Bishops and deacons. If the elders were a separate body, surely he would have greeted them also.

In Acts 20:28 Paul sent for the elders (PRESBUETROS) and told them God had made them overseers (EPISKOPOS).

In I Peter 5: 1 and 2 Peter greets the elders (PRESBUETROS) and tells them to ''feed,'' that is, ''shepherd the flock.'' The verb ''to shepherd'' is a translation of the same Greek root from which we get our English word ''pastor.'' This word was doubtless in Peter's mind from the post-resurrection seaside charge Christ gave Peter after three times asking him if he loved Him.

The modern pastor is to be the same as the shepherd-elder of the early church.

Inherent in the meaning of the expression ''to shepherd'' are four requirements.


1. Love the flock as an undershepherd of Christ. A pastor is not allowed by God to love selectively. In the parable of the lost sheep, the shepherd did not know whic ...

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