by Nelson Price

Don't Forget To Say Thanks
Nelson Price
Luke 17:11-19

JESUS CHRIST wants to take you where you are, cleanse you, and
make you fit for living a fulfilling life. He can do it.
Jesus Christ confronted ten men who were outcast of the worst
sort. They had a disease which was considered in His day as the
most loathsome, leprosy. Physically those who had it were badly
disfigured, and consequently, others did not even look at them.
The disease was considered so contagious that no one wanted to
be around victims. If even the shadow of a person having leprosy
touched a person, they went through a prolonged period of
ceremonial cleansing.
Lepers had no hope physically. Emotionally they were without a
support system. Spiritually they were considered cursed of God.
Now, imagine being cured and restored to your family, friends,
and loved ones. Consider the disfigured frame renewed and
becoming socially acceptable once more. What gratitude there
would naturally be.
Jesus encountered ten such outcasts who were rejected, lonely,
misunderstood, powerless, and desperately ill persons.
Miraculously He healed them instantly. J - O - Y !
Only the priest had the authority to declare a person a leper or
free of leprosy. Jesus said, "Go and show yourselves to the
As the ten who were healed turned to run to the priest, one
turned back to say, "Thank you Jesus!" Nine did not.
The one who turned back to say thanks was a Samaritan. Though he
was no longer an outcast because of leprosy, being a Samaritan,
a foreigner, one considered a heretic, he was a religious
outcast among the Jews.
Have you ever noticed that among those attracted to Christ most

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