MATTHEW 18: 11 - 14

JESUS CHRIST stated his mission on earth in the key verse of
Matthew (18:11): "...the Son of Man has come to save that which
was lost." In Luke 19:10, there is a closely related verse
which states: "The Son of Man is come to see and to save that
which is lost." L O S T ?
What does it mean to be lost? The word used here means "that
which is in the wrong place." Momentarily we will take a fuller
look at what it means to be lost. First, consider what it means
to be saved and how one is saved.
Jesus is depicted as aggressively seeking to save persons. A
foreign national talked with the pastor of an American church
about joining the church. The compassionate pastor asked some
analytical questions such as: "Are you a Christian?" and "How
did you find Jesus?" To the second question the student
replied, "I did not find Jesus. Jesus -- Him find me."
Jesus found a way to save you. It required Him assuming your
guilt, accepting your punishment, and assigning His
righteousness to you. The first two of these He did on Calvary.
The last of these will be accomplished when you answer His
loving knock on your heart's door.
Jesus is lovingly seeking a way to get your attention and gain
your affection. He does this through circumstances, friends,
nature, the Bible, and the hearing of the Word.
Being saved involves several things.
(Illustration of scales. We can't measure up to His standard).
(Illustration of Dr. Manning. Salvation involves accepting a
fact and trusting a person).

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