by Nelson Price

By Their Fruit You Know The Root
Nelson Price
Hebrews 12: 12 - 15

JESUS CHRIST, in speaking of trees said, ''By their fruits you shall know them'' (Matthew 7:20). You can know by the fruit whether a tree is good or bad. This illustrates lives. By observing the outward actions of an individual you can know the condition of the heart. The root determines the fruit. Many lives are bearing ''bitter fruit.'' Why? Let's check the root. Often in speaking of a productive person who has a good heritage it is said, ''He or she came from good stock.'' The reference is to the persons roots, their parents.The parent/child relationship is as close as the root/fruit relationship in the plant world. It might be added, just as predictable.You who are now adults, your parents are your roots. Parents, you are now your children's roots. To understand this principle turn to Hebrews 12: 12-15.

I.CAUSE (Vs. 13)

The text appeals to individuals not to impede or interfere with another's progress.''Paths'' refers to a track left, a trail to be followed. It is a summary expression for an example to be followed.The appeal is to make the paths ''straight.'' It is an expression used in racing comparable to ''stay in your lane.'' Don't cut in front of someone and interfere with their progress.This is a strong appeal for us not to influence individuals, especially our children, in an improper way. The result is found in the word ''lame.'' It translates the Greek CHOLOS which
can refer to being crippled, but it can also mean to cause to waver in an opinion. To cause a person to waver indecisively in establishing the right opinion is to emotionally cripple them.
Now consider the ---


''Looking diligently'' means we should be alert and monitor our attitudes and actions because of their influence on others. Our improper actions may do one of two things: A.Contribute to the Damnation of Some. To ''fall short of the grace of God'' means that a person com ...

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