by Nelson Price

MATTHEW 28: 19 - 20
I. S P H E R E "All the World"
We are to attempt to call people from one sphere to another
-from darkeness to light, from death to life, out of the world
into the church.
Only when the enthusiasm inside the church exceeds the
indifferance outside the church are those outside going to want
to come inside.
"The joy of the Lord is thy strength." How strong are you?
You can't bring souls to birth and help them grow in a
refrigerator even if you call it an incubator.
The preacher must take something warm out of his heart and
thrust it into the minds of people.
John Roberts, the Scotsman, told of a Scottish village in which
there was no fire. Fire was found to be burning in one home. It
was distributed from house to house until shortly every home in
the city had fire.
There are over 210,000,000 Americans. 1/3 of them are not church
members. 1/2 half have not been to church this year. Many are
waiting for a warm hearted personal invitation to come to
A survey taken by our church in Jan. 1982, showed why people
were attracted to our church. The second most influential factor
was TV. Not everyone can have a TV ministry. 1% was attracted by
newspaper adds. The most influential attracting factor was a
personal invitation from a friend or neighbor. A
satisfiedcustomer always makes the best salesperson.
To think of changing the world one person at a
time may be an act of great faith. To try to do it any other
way is a greater act of lunacy.
II. S T R A T E G Y "Make disciples...teach them"
To have chosen astronauts to ...

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