by Nelson Price

Faith that Works: Noah
Nelson Price
Hebrews 11:7

JESUS CHRIST said that as it was in the days of Noah it will once again be when He comes back to earth. He believed in the Biblical account of Noah. That is reason enough for me to believe it also. A study of Noah's faith in an hour of unfaithfulness can also be a stimulus to our faith. It involved:


God warned Him of things about which he knew nothing. He made an intellectual choice. He chose to believe God. He chose to believe it was going to rain. It had never rained. ''Rain, what is rain?'' God said it, Noah believed it. that settled it. One of the greatest acts of faith recorded was Noah striking that first blow with an ax on a gopher tree. Right there is n the middle of a vast desert he started building a large ship. That is a faith that works. For 120 years he worked on that boat amid ridicule. In a day when people preferred to forget about God, Noah made him the center of His life. Note, Noah's faith resulted in works. He was faithfully committed to God and responded by doing the work prescribed by God. He wasn't depending on his work but on God. Satan tries to confuse people on the issue of works. Some, he is successful in leading to believe that works will save them. Others, he can't confuse with this deception. However, even thought they are saved by faith, he tries to further confuse the issue by one of two ways. Some, he tries to lead to believe they can only keep heir salvation by works. This is legalism.

Others, he leads to believe they are saved and kept by faith; therefore, it doesn't matter what they do. This is license. Both are wrong. Noah responded to what little divine revelation there was. God just told him about things which he could not see, and he responded by faith. We have much divine revelation and should responded with comparable faith. Noah had a lot of other things he had doubtless planned to do but dropped them and made a commitment to be a boat builder ...

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